Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Earth Day Reminders


Happy Earth Day, Mother lovers! As you know, Rising Rooted is the philosophy that each day we rise, we can choose behaviors that root us in a state of well-being—mind, body, and soul. Part of this involves creating and maintaining an environment we can thrive in. Choosing to engage in small acts of love for our earth are what make a difference in our health and happiness, as well as that of our children and our children’s children! Here are a few tips to remember as you move through the day…


Food waste. I absolutely love getting creative in the kitchen. Because I cook and prepare most of my meals at home, I’ve become aware of just how much food can go to waste when we aren’t careful!

Reducing food waste (so it doesn’t end up in a landfill) is beneficial for our wallets and our atmosphere. It can look like using up what’s in your refrigerator before making another grocery trip. This could mean making a meal out of obscure items you have in your fridge. Try Hummusapien’s balsamic vinaigrette for a fun way to use up that maple syrup and dijon mustard that have been hiding out in your fridge for too long! Toss it with some close-to-wilted greens and voila! You have a meal.

Reducing food waste can also look like saving the stems and scraps of your chopped veggies to make a delish side dish! I love saving the stems of my kale, carrots, or celery to sauté with olive oil, salt, and pepper as a yummy side dish. You can chop up the veggies and mix them with diced tomatoes and spices for a pasta topper, or blend them up into a soup! You can even freeze your wilted greens or rubbery zucchini and throw them into your breakfast smoothie—a meal where there might not have been vegetables otherwise! More on a blitzed breakfast here.



Containers, bags, cups, and silverware!

It is amazing to me how many single-use containers and plastic bags we can blow through in a single a day. Think about this—you walk into the grocery store. You select some vegetables, which you place into plastic produce bags. Those produce bags, holding your vegetables, then go into MORE blue plastic bags to take home. Once you’re home, you might chop or slice said vegetables and put them into plastic ziplock bags to tote with you on the go. All of that plastic then goes into the trash and inevitably a landfill. Put this cycle on repeat x 365 x millions of households and you can easily see why this is an issue.

I absolutely adore my stasher bags for holding vegetables, fruits, and crackers on-the-go, or to freeze soups for a quick meal and produce to throw into smoothies!

I also love reusable produce bags like these to avoid using the single-use bags at the stores!

And for those days on-the-go, I always have my Healthy Human tumbler and water bottle for liquids, and my BPA-free food containers for all of my goods!

Here are some BPA-free plastic containers I have and love, or check out these glass ones for an at-home option!


And upcycle. Turn your old t-shirts into dog toys, that empty pickle jar into a candle, or even clipping your old magazines to make a vision board! Your cans of beans and soups can be turned into flower holders, your wine bottles can be turned into dish soap holders, and your toilet paper rolls can be used to organize cords! Head over to the Rising Rooted Pinterest board to see these ideas in full bloom.

Not only are these such great acts for the environment, but it is also a way to flex your creative muscle and transform something you already have into something completely new!

These tips are not meant to be all-inclusive. But, I hope these small ideas and items help spark an interest or awareness in treating the only world we have with love and respect. Preserving and saving our environment may seem daunting, but as Vincent Van Gogh one said “great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” Here’s to the small things which have a huge impact. xo