Transitioning to Non-toxic Beauty: The Basics

I’m a huuuge believer that healthy skin starts from the inside out— this includes what you’re eating 🍽, how you perceive stress, and how you’re supporting your body’s natural rhythms with sleep and movement. But, because our skin also absorbs the things we put ON it, I believe choosing non-toxic skincare is so important too!

Many bath, beauty, and home products (soaps, makeup, and lotions) contain components that have been suspected to cause major hormone disruption. Read: mimicking natural hormones or increasing or decreasing hormone production. This can lead to symptoms like

  • PMS

  • irregular periods

  • acne

  • indigestion

  • thinning hair

  • fatigue

  • decreased sex drive

The list goes on but I’ll spare you the dirty details! Cleaning up your personal care products can be the first step in supporting your hormones and helping your body restore its balance.

Top Swaps to Transition to Non-toxic Beauty

1. lotion
2. perfume
3. Llip gloss / lip stick
4. tinted moisturizer with SPF
5. makeup remover

These products are important to buy free of harmful chemicals because they sit directly on your skin or come in very close contact with openings such as your eyes and mouth. Think about it— if your lipstick contains lead and other heavy metals (which many have been found to), do you really want to ingest those?

One I personally don’t stress about: mascara! It sits on your lashes, not on your skin. I’ve tested a few non-toxic options that work fine, but “fine” is definitely not Better Than Sex.

You can find all of these products on my Shop Beauty page! If you’re interested in chatting about strategies to transition to a non-toxic lifestyle, schedule your free health consultation today!