A Note on Ditching Diet Culture

Society is setting the standard for how we should look, eat, and move. We are bombarded with information on the latest diet trends for weight loss, prescriptions for the most “efficient” workouts, and images of “ideal” body types (coupled with buzzwords like toned, lean, strong). In addition, this multi-billion dollar fitness and wellness industry is creating products and services that cultivate awareness of our less-than-perfect traits to develop insecurities in us that ultimately lead to a sale. That was a loaded sentence— read it again.

I fully recognize we are a people plagued with heart disease, diabetes, chronic illnesses and cancer. We have come far with the creation of treatments and therapies to manage the symptoms of the physical person, but lasting change— true healing—won’t come until we choose to love ourselves unconditionally. Then, and only then, will nourishing our bodies and minds becomes a reflex.

When being vibrant is the goal, we know that body appearance is not. When being radiant is the goal, we know that calories consumed is not. When being strong is the goal, we know that overexertion and depletion is not.

Root yourself in a state of well-BEING, so that you can rise as your best self each day. xo