Rise & Shine: My Morning Smoothie Ritual

Rising Rooted is the philosophy that each day we wake up, we can make lifestyle choices which root ourselves in a state of well-being and allow us to rise as our healthiest, most energized, and radiant selves.

What better way to rise and shine than with a nourishing breakfast?


Smoothies are a quintessential healthy choice, and for good reason. Not only can we blend up endless combinations of fruits, veggies, and protein into one perfectly portable snack/meal, but it is also incredibly convenient for sneaking in nutritional boosts that might be hard to incorporate otherwise!

Those who know me know how much I love my morning smoothie ritual. It has helped clear my skin, improve digestion, and balance my blood sugar! I’ve shared my smoothies with my parents, siblings, friends and boyfriend…even my grandparents hop on the smoothie train when I come chugging along.

“You should really take me to do smoothie demonstrations,” my 79 year old Papa jokes.
“We can tell one group I’m 40, and this is what you’ll look like if you continue to eat badly. Then, we’ll tell the other group I’m 98, and this is what they’ll look like if they drink your smoothies.”

I really think he’s onto something here, don’t you? 


Glow-to Smoothie

•Wild blueberries
•1 scoop collagen
•2tbsp hemp hearts
•1tbsp flax
•1tsp spirulina

Did you know wild blueberries pack a significantly greater punch of the antioxidant anthocyanin? This deep, blue/violet pigment aids in fighting free radicals, which can improve our immunity and reduce our risk of getting sick. I'm a huge advocate of filling our plates with color not only because it's delish but also because these pigmented fruits and veggies  serve as nature's medicine!

Rise & Shine Smoothie

•frozen zucchini (no taste, I promise!)
•1/2tbsp coconut oil
•1 scoop collagen
•2tbsp chia
•Almond milk

Fun fact: “chia” is actually the ancient Mayan word for “strength.” A two tablespoon serving contains approximately 10g of fiber and 5g of protein! For optimal digestion and absorption, chia seeds are best enjoyed blended or soaked. When soaked, the seeds gel, making them a great replacement for eggs in baked goods or even as the base for a refreshing chia pudding!

Rooted Smoothie

•1/2c pumpkin
•1-2tbsp almond butter
•1 scoop collagen
•2tbsp flax
•1tsp Gaia Herbs Golden Milk blend
•Almond milk

Golden milk is an Ayurvedic recipe used to support the body and mind. It gets its rich, golden color from the plant turmeric and also contains other warming herbs like black pepper, vanilla, and cardamom. Turmeric has been used to aid in digestion, promote cardiovascular health, and support the immune system. Not enough research has been done to make definitive claims about turmeric’s benefits, but one preliminary study demonstrated it matched ibuprofen’s ability to control knee pain!

When making my smoothies, I’m sure to make them thick and to add toppings like hemp hearts, cacao nibs, or my fellow IIN grad Elizabeth Stein’s AMAZING granola. Not only does this make me feel jazzy, but it also ensures I’m chewing my smoothie. The motion of chewing sends a signal to the brain, which tells the belly to prepare to assimilate and digest the nutrients that are coming it’s way!

Our bodies are pretty amazing, amiright?


Please note- these are “non-recipe” recipes. In other words, you know your body better than I do, so you follow your best judgement on the portion sizes*

*If portion confusion, overeating, calorie counting, or self-doubt around food choices are areas you’d like to take a closer look at, schedule a health history with me under my Connect page!