Rising Rooted Health Coaching was created to support individuals in ditching diet culture, cultivating their intuition, and reacquainting themselves with their bodies’ natural rhythms.

As a full-time student, employee, or mom, we so often feel there are simply not enough hours in a day.
As we take care of all of our external responsibilities, it is so easy to uproot ourselves from what is supportive for our minds and bodies.
Are you ready to root yourself in a state of well-being and rise feeling refreshed, confident, and radiant?

Rising Rooted Health Coaching is right for you if…

  • you’re tired of dieting

  • you don’t know how to cook

  • you wish to incorporate more movement into your life

  • you want to eat healthy on a budget

  • you struggle to find meals your family enjoys

  • you desire body confidence and self-love practices

  • you have missing or irregular periods

  • you feel stressed and anxious

  • you have gas, bloating, or constipation

  • you need guidance and accountability to achieve your goals

  • you understand that food and lifestyle have a significant role in your well-being

  • you struggle with sleep habits

  • you have strong cravings or bouts of “hanger”

  • you desire self-care strategies post-baby

  • you are unsure what “healthy” looks like for you

  • you have acne, breakouts, and painful periods

  • you have unexplained stiffness or inflammation

When we establish a daily routine which supports our mind, body, and spirit, we free up space in our hearts and on our calendars to pursue our passions and connect more authentically with others. Rising Rooted Health Coaching is intended to help you step into your most radiant self through the development of sustainable and nourishing lifestyle behaviors.

Your calmest, most thriving self.
The woman who is confident and poised, while remaining soft and compassionate. 
The woman who nourishes herself so that she has the time and energy to create authentic connections with those around her.
The woman who lights up every room she enters. 
The woman who has always been within you.


+goal-setting accountability
(check-ins surrounding nutrition, fitness, sleep, career, relationships, and spirituality)

+nutrition resources
(identifying your “healthy,” seeing food as fuel, adopting a traditional foods lifestyle, mindful meal-time rituals,
preparing meals at home, grocery store navigation, pantry makeovers, eating well on a budget)

+meditation exercises + journaling prompts
(cultivating intuition and mindful living, positive self-talk, and self-confidence)

Six, twelve, or session-by-session programs available
A free 50 minute phone consultation
One on one personalized coaching sessions (50 minutes biweekly)- Cleveland, OH or virtually
Unlimited access to phone/email support

A health coach is a wellness guide and supportive mentor. He or she tailors programs to empower clients to reach their unique health goals and achieve better balance between different areas of their lives.

The Integrative Institute of Nutrition's coaching curriculum focuses on the concept of primary food, which proposes that the ability to achieve and maintain a state of well-being is derived from everything we can't find on our plates. Satisfaction with our relationships, spirituality, career, and natural movement are what drive this philosophy- consuming nourishing food serves to support the healthy functioning of these other areas of our lives.