Got your workout routine down to a science, but still can’t get yourself to stretch?
New to yoga and looking for guidance on posture, breath, and alignment?
Looking for resources and sequencing for a home practice?

Community Offerings

Seven Days of Rising Rooted

A series of seven, short yoga sequences intended to bring some slow, sweet, stillness into your busy day.

With these videos, you can cultivate your home practice, reignite your love of yoga, or build the confidence you need to step into a studio for the first time feeling like a warrior- strong and peaceful.

Studio Classes

Join me offline for my weekly offerings:

Avon Lake Yoga studio
9:15am All Levels Flow (Friday’s)

Rooted Recovery

Connect with me to schedule private group classes or one-on-one sessions in the comfort of your own home ♥

-Sessions for the new student

-Post-practice programming for athletes
-Corporate offerings
-Private parties
(patio yoga, vino and vinyasa, young girls’ spa nights)