May You Be Well: 30 Days of Radiant Rituals (Challenge and Giveaway)!

Summer is SO. CLOSE. I can nearly taste it. Early morning walks, lazy pool days, and bonfire nights… I am most definitely ready for it. Summer is symbolically a time of energy, youthfulness, and vibrancy. But, as Eastern Medicine* informs us, taking care of ourselves is crucial in order to stay in harmony with this sunny season!

Too much yin energy, and you’ll find summer to be a time of feeling lazy and lethargic.
Too much yang energy, and you’ll feel hot-headed, agitated, or just plain worn out.

To support you in finding your energetic balance, I created 30 days of radiant rituals to help you enter the summer season feeling balanced and nourished!

*for some reads on holistic health and wellness, check out my collection here


May You Be Well is a 30 day challenge beginning on May 1st. The purpose of the challenge is to “warm you up” to some new rituals for radiance. Each day, there is a small, sustainable behavior or activity to incorporate into your day.

As always, my hope at Rising Rooted is to support girls and women in feeling inspired, radiant, energized, and calm. The goal of May You Be Well is to let you all explore nourishing behaviors so you can find which ones feel GOOD. From there, you can begin to work them into your daily routine.

The incentive for completing the challenge is obvious—to feel well and radiant! But, of course, an added bonus is always helpful…that’s why the winner of the challenge will receive a Rising Rooted “starter kit” containing a journal with prompts for each phase of Rising Rooted, a tea mug, a collection of teas, and a few other surprise goodies!

How do you win?

The Rules
1. Take a picture or video of you completing the daily challenge and post it on Instagram or Facebook
2. Be sure to tag me @ljedlicka and include the hashtag #risingrooted
3. One post per day = one entry! This means you can enter to win up to 30 times!
4. Winners will be announced via email, so be sure to subscribe to my mailing list at


Will you join me in Rising Rooted?