Surrender: Stage One of Rising Rooted

If you’re new to the blog, welcome! I am so happy you’re here. Feel free to peak at my first blog for a bit more background on why I show up as a writer, a yoga teacher, and a health coach for you.

If you’ve been with me for a bit of time, you know my philosophy for holistic wellness stems from making incremental shifts in our daily life that serve our body, mind, and soul. Rising Rooted is the idea that each day we rise, we can root ourselves in supportive, nourishing behaviors. I work with my health coaching clients and my yoga students to dig deeper into what a unique expression of Rising Rooted looks and feels like to them.

Rising Rooted is the daily decision to be rooted in your truth. When we are firmly planted in our values, our priorities and our goals, we are then able to rise up and be the most radiant, loving, and peaceful versions of ourselves—each and every day.

Have you ever said yes when you really wanted to say no?

Not even just to other people, but also to activities or ideas that just didn’t sit well with you?

+Felt awful but went out with your friends anyway, because you thought your friends would be mad at you?

+Volunteered for the PTA function, the bake sale, and as the field trip chaperone despite having a busy week of your own because you thought it was the right thing to do for your kid?

+Tried a diet that was truly miserable but that you thought would finally help you lose those last ten pounds?

+Continued to date someone who was “nice,” but really wasn’t making you happy?

+Studied for hours longer than you needed to because you thought you needed an A rather than a B to feel accomplished?

+Applied for jobs you weren’t interested in but that you thought you should have because of your degree or the expectations of others?

One last question…How did these experiences feel?


Becoming uprooted from our truest intentions can happen to us all at times. Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, we are so easily influenced by our friends, our families, the latest fads and trends, and societal norms. So much thinking, not nearly enough feeling. Talk about tiring!

I fleshed out the idea for Rising Rooted after spending so much of time doing “all of the right things” for my body, my education, and my career but still feeling so unfulfilled. The choices I made for myself were guided by what I thought was socially desirable, right, good, and necessary.

To get back to my roots, I had to do some digging.

What do I want to root myself in?
What are my intentions?
Where do I begin?

With time and attention, I noticed trends in the process of returning to my true self— unpolluted by outside influence or inner judgement.

Pruning the weeds

Planting the seeds

Strengthening the roots

Growing the branches

These stages now serve as a guide for my clients during one on one coaching, and are also the themes I touch on most in my yoga classes. These stages are not checkpoints because they can be entered and exited often and repeatedly; to surrender, explore, ritualize, and expand is to act in a way that supports growth and upward mobility in any context (relationships, self-love, career goals, physical health, education, passion-finding, parenting, etc.).

SURRENDER: Pruning the weeds.

Starting from the bottom. It’s arguably the hardest phase we go through, because it involves letting go of habits, stories, and thoughts that we might have been holding onto for years.

In this phase, we assess our internal landscape- identifying what restricts our growth, what holds us back, and what keeps us from blossoming the way nature intended us to.

The surrender phase is where we uproot the idea that things could have been any different than the way in this very moment, and begin to cultivate the space that remains with forgiveness and compassion.

It’s choosing to breathe through the resistance we feel rather than fighting it.


Are you ready to uproot yourself from the rut you’re in to reclaim your radiance?

To prune the weeds in your life and plant the seeds for healthy habits, boundaries, and thoughts?

I was so there, and it’s exactly why I am so here for you now. As a health coach, I’d love to support you as you trim away what’s no longer serving you to make room for uninhibited new growth. This is why I could not be more excited to announce I will be holding a Rising Rooted workshop at the end of this month!

Where: Willow Room Salon and Spa
When: Thursday, March 28th, from 6-8pm

Rising Rooted: Intuition Building Workshop

Join Holistic Health Coach and 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher Lauren Jedlicka for a two-hour workshop focused on cultivating your intuition and planting the seeds toward achieving your personal and professional goals. Together, you and Lauren will identify what’s restricting your growth, develop strategies to root yourself in your highest values and priorities, and ultimately rise to meet the most vibrant, successful, and flourishing version of yourself. 

I think this goes without saying, but I’d absolutely love for you to join me. If you can’t make the workshop, or are interested in getting back to your roots through my one on one coaching practice, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter or drop me a line on my “connect” page!